NRA Recruiting Program
A Message From the Recruiting Program
Welcome to NRA Recruiting Programs. We are pleased to invite you to join the thousands of NRA certified instructors, affiliated clubs, independent businesses, and dedicated members already participating in NRA membership recruiting. This program provides a great opportunity to not only strengthen the NRA by increasing membership, but also for motivated individuals to earn extra money at the same time.

The NRA furnishes recruiters with all of the applications and other materials needed to enroll friends, family members, customers, and business associates in the NRA. Everything is provided free of charge - even the postage for returning the completed applications is pre-paid by the NRA. In return for enrolling members, the NRA pays recruiters up to $25 for every new and renewing membership.

Recruiting Programs can also provide recruiters with a "Join Here" link for their business or personal websites with their Recruiter ID number associated with it. Visitors to recruiter's websites who join the NRA through this link will earn recruiters the same commissions as if they were enrolled in person.

For more information about strengthening the NRA and earning commissions by recruiting NRA members, please call NRA Recruiting Programs at (800) 672-0004, or e-mail